Exterior Diamond Light Fixture Upgrade

November 2012

Grand Villa Casino upgraded their exterior ambient lighting, also known as their diamond lights that surround their entire building.  IP Lighting did a LED retro-fit of the fixture from a HID light.  It saved approximately 75% energy consumption for this particular project.

Grand Villa Casino

Main Entrance Upgrade

September 2012

Grandvilla is currently undergoing multiple energy efficient upgrades throughout their casino.  We replaced their existing HID fixtures to Kingsun LED Canopy fixtures.

Kitchen Lighting Upgrade

October 2012

Grandvilla has replaced their inefficient T8 fixtures to LED flat panels in their kitchen. On top of saving energy from the proposed upgrade, the maintenance work has been dramatically decreased and the contamination of food from the kitchen lighting has been eliminated.

LED Downlight Upgrade

July 2012

Grand Villa Casino has upgraded their existing 50W halogen downlights with 12W LED downlights.  Based on the casino needs, we were able to retro-fit their existing downlights with LED downlights.